Successful Summer Tanning

July 12, 2018

 Alabama Summers are hotter than blue blazes! The sun is not the devil; the lack of knowledge is! Over exposure to UV light can cause an array of health issues such as skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma), premature aging and other skin damage as well as cataracts and other eye damage and lastly, immune system suppression. Yup, all that! Again, the sun is AMAZING for you, in the right dosage. So how do you avoid all of that AND have a sun-kissed look? Get your sunless tan on! Getting a spray tan in the summer will give you consistent color without any of the corresponding damage that comes with sunbathing. Summertime, it is important to remember a few key things to help you maintain your tan! If you follow these key rules, you will be rocking your glow all summer long and keep your skin fresh & damage-free.


1. Schedule your tan for a time of day when you know you will be indoors during the process time. This is so important! While your tan is setting in, it is crucial that you stay dry and do not sweat, swim, shower, etc. for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours (1 to 3 if you use our one hour solution!). You might even find that your clothes leave tan lines (like tight bras, etc.) because you are hot and schweatty in these spots. That being said, don’t schedule your tan first thing in the morning if you know you will be running errands and in and out of a hot car all day. Be sure to wear dark colored, light-weight and loose fitting clothing while your tan is processing!


2. If you have a sunburn, EXFOLIATE! Spray tanning is a great way to blend and hide tan lines. However, if you have a sunburn, a spray tan will not fix everything unless you exfoliate first! The problem with sunburns is your skin typically peels as the burn is healing. You must make sure that all of your peeling, dead skin is exfoliated off before you come in for a spray tan application. If you don’t, your peeling may become much more noticeable as the dark skin from your tan will peel away to expose your new, fresh, pale skin underneath. We have some amazing sugar scrub, in-store!


3. Minimize chlorine exposure. We know that this one is tough, especially when you are trying to beat the summer heat! Swimming is fine, but it definitely will shorten the duration of your spray tan. The chlorine in swimming pools causes your skin to dry out something fierce, ultimately causing you to expedite the loss of dead skin cells, therefore shedding your spray tan quicker. We recommend keeping pool time to a minimum, but if you do want to go swimming be sure to moisturize before and afterward. Also a super-fun trick: use an SPF with bronzer in it! Also, any moisturizer will help create a barrier between the pool water and your skin, which will prevent the chlorinated water from drying you out as much. Salt water can dry your skin out, but not nearly as quickly as chlorine! Dixie Tan Extender, Dixie Massage/Body Oil as well as a SPF bronzer are all fantastic choices to keep your skin moist.


4. Hydrate your skin from the inside out! Water is your friend! It is SO good for your skin! As we all know, Alabama Summers can be intense, so not only are you feeling thirsty, but your skin will need an extra quench as well! Every person is different in how much water their body needs. Oftentimes, someone will think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. Water intake depends on weight and amount of physical activity. A quick Google search can help you out with that.


5. Moisturize yourself like you'd moisturize a new baby: thoroughly and often! Be sure to lotion up daily with a quality moisturizer that contains NO mineral oil. Do not count on your sunscreen as a moisturizer! Yes, it is important to wear sunscreen to protect your delicate skin from the hot rays overhead, but sunscreen alone does not contain enough moisturizing ingredients needed for a long lasting tan. For the longest lasting tan, we recommend our Dixie Tan Extending Lotion. This moisturizer contains a hint of DHA (the magic ingredient in spray tans that gives you your color) and smells like the beach, so every time you apply, you help to prolong your tan! Pick up a bottle at your next visit!