December 27, 2017

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. I am of the opinion if you want something you write down the big goal. Sleep on it. Read it the next day and if that is your goal still, then break it down into smaller goals, creating steps to attain those goals. Me personally, I never start anything on a Monday and I never make New Year’s resolutions.The way you word things in the days and times you decide to start things have everything to do with failure or success! Setting yourself up for success is key and we’re only human; trick yourself. If you know you’re gonna snooze for 30, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. 

Naming your new goals a New Year’s resolution, that’s a lot of stress you’re putting on yourself! That’s a lot of stress you’re putting on your new goal or your new dream; your new life. Whatever it is, maybe it’s not brand new, maybe it’s something that you used to do that you want to do again or maybe you’re just trying to get back to the basics. Remember, slow down take a moment and find your peace.

If you know you’ll make an excuse, find someone else who’s counting on you since you do not yet care enough for yourself to get up and get going. It’s always been mind-blowing to me how people are nicer to strangers than they are their own family and kinder to others than they are to themselves.

You already know all of these things. So your goal: figure out your triggers, the ways you set ourself up for failure, your excuses and the real reason you want to change. If you loose weight, but still do not like yourself or have hateful self-talk, the weightloss will not fix your problems.

Remember, healthy and happy is beautiful! Try to change or get rid of those unhealthy relationships. Take a look in the mirror; are YOU the unhealthy, negative person? That’s a very difficult way to live. It’s so freeing and uplifting to be positive and treat others the way you want to be treated.