"I don't want to look blotchy."

April 17, 2017

Healthy skin is the most beautiful skin! At Dixie Tan Spa, our skin-loving sunless solutions are the best option for bronzing your skin, the healthy way. If you want your tan to look it's best, then make certain you purchase a lotion to help extend your tan's life, and that's it! All you have to do from looking "splotchy" or "blotchy" is keep your skin moist and exfoliate thoroughly before your tan. Use SPF daily, wear hats and try not to expose your skin during the sun's peak UV hours. It may not seem like the most fun and a little drastic to some of you, but when you and your friends get to that age where age catches up to you, you'll be the friend who still looks young. Eventually, looking decades younger.

A complexion riddled with sun damage such as loose skin, sun spots, and wrinkles is not attractive. Over-exposure to the sun can completely ruin your skins texture and appearance, not to mention the possible deadly consequences of UV beds and over-exposure to the sun. (The sun has a lot of benefits, use with moderation)

Sunless tanning isn't the only answer. You must try to eat healthy, and keep alcohol consumption moderate, exercise (nothing radical, just move), and do your best to take care of this one body that you have! You'll be able to take on life with a clear, strong and healthy mind and body!




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