Let's go HAM in 2017!

February 2, 2017

Let's cut to the chase! Only 8% of people achieve their New Year's Goal. That's depressing! Why is that? Taking on too much at once, putting everything off til tomorrow, giving up after one failed attempt, comparing yourself to others (don't do it!) and just, in general, not being nice to yourself.


Why do we intentionally hurt ourselves? Rather than setting ourselves up for success, we make choices that lead us directly back to where we started or even further back. Why do we not learn from our strategic card or board games where every move is purposefully chosen and executed, knowing exactly where we are headed? Obviously, every now and again you get thrown a curve ball, or have an opponent better than you, but that's okay! Pull up your britches, learn from your mistakes and try again.  


Let's be nice to ourselves this year! Let's be our own best friend. Let's surround ourselves with people who love us (our crowd may shrink significantly).

Decide what is important in your life and fill it with that. If you're unable to position yourself to do so at this moment, that's fine. Figure out a way to get there. If you feel lost or hopeless and you know someone who seems to have it together, ask them to mentor you. Nothing better than to have someone in your corner who knows what they're talking about guiding you and just having your back.


For every bad thought or ruthless phrase you utter about yourself, try to have two things to think about or say out loud good about yourself. Some people use sticky notes, others use Instagram. Whatever works for you. 


Jealously stems directly from insecurity, and nothing is as lovely as a confidence. Let's lift each other up and do so sincerely. Let's be nice. No more, "Bless her heart!". No more, "Hey girl!" to your friend's face and then behind her back discuss what you think may be happening in her life. It is certain that if you're constantly concerning yourself with the affairs of others, your most likely hiding from your truth.


On that note..


Woo-hoo, 2017! It's gonna be a good year!