Fit Body Wrap + Sunless Tan

April 4, 2017



There are a variety of beauty services on the market today and many of us partake in several of them, mixing and matching as we please. Whether it’s a “pamper-me” day or a regular routine, it is important to understand how the sunless tan, beauty and wellness services you love work together.

Infrared heat and UV light are both parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they differ in regards to their visibility, wavelength and frequency. UV has a greater frequency and shorter wavelength than infrared, it is the frequency of light just beyond violet and it stimulates melanin production, which makes the skin tone darker. Infrared shows itself in the form of heat and it does not tan the skin, it penetrates deeply to relieve pain, break up fats, toxins and provide wellness benefits to the user. Infrared makes up approximately 54% of our suns output, while UV only accounts for 7% (Kochevar).


Dr. Flickstein says the use of UV light – in the right amount – can be quite beneficial for the body “Ultraviolet peps up your cells and they love it,” says Flickstein. “UV is a nutrient for the immune system, but the tricky part is getting just the right amount of exposure.” Overexposure to UV can lead to premature aging, sun spots, bumps on your skin and it damages your body's immunity. Have you ever seen someone  with dry, wrinkled, discolored, and leathery skin and thought, "Wow...that person looks so healthy and y