(Popular Myths About Skincare) Tanning Isn't Harmless?!


If you still believe that UV radiation is harmless, then you must also believe cigarettes are good for you because that's what your doctor said back in 1950. There are so many alternatives today that are quick and affordable that will not kill you. Try them out! So, let's talk about the facts.


UVA and UVB radiation can cause skin damage including:


-permanent texture changes caused by UV

Have you ever seen someone that has spent too much time in the tanning bed or sun? Gross! They look like a leather couch! 


-lowered immunity against infection

-skin bumps 

-pigment changes (freckles/age spots/liver spots)

-aging skin disorders

-collagen breakdown

-free radicals (Scavengers of our stable oxygen molecules!) 

Free radicals do not just suck at life, they are actually dangerous because they can start a chain reaction that in the long run not damages cell function, but can actually cause cancer by altering the genetic material of a cell!

-DNA repair

So, good for you for taking the correct vitamins to fight the free radicals, but UV radiation can affect the enzymes that help repair damaged DNA. 

Ultraviolet light is the #1 reason for premature skin aging.